Member Profile: Matt Gossett

Member Profile: Matt Gossett

Name: Matt Gossett
Occupation: Medical device sales representative for Boston Scientific
Favorite Shotgun: Krieghoff K-80 Parcour 12 gauge
Length of Time as Member of SST: 14 years

I was introduced to SST and the shooting sports at the age of ten by the late Charles Skinner, who at the time of his death was the longest active member of SST. I just wanted to practice to increase my success in the dove field, but I fell in love with clay target shooting. 

At the time, SST hosted a youth trap shooting team which I joined and that's where I began shooting competitively. Shortly thereafter I earned a spot on the USA Olympic Trap Shooting Team at the age of fifteen and remained on the team for nine seasons. During that time I competed in multiple countries and lived at the Olympic Training center in Colorado Springs. I have three National Championships, multiple World Championships, and World Cup appearances. 

During my college years, SST allowed me to host shooting lessons at the club which helped me finance my degree from Auburn University. I currently live in Springville and work in the Birmingham area and shoot at SST every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. I enjoy shooting with both longstanding and new members and encourage everyone to come out and give it a try.

Why do I enjoy shooting at SST? I essentially grew up at SST. It's basically my second home. All the members here have shaped my life in a positive way, whether that's been help in my shooting career or now in my professional career. I can't imagine my life without SST being a part of it.